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Apply your mind to mental health

The Think Ahead programme is a new route into social work, for graduates and career-changers remarkable enough to make a real difference to people with mental health problems.

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22 Apr / 20

Rapid report: How mental health social workers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic

We have today published a new report about how mental health services, and the social workers within these teams, are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. The report, which is based on a series of interviews, explains the challenges services and professionals are facing, and how mental health teams are transforming their work to provide the […]

18 Mar / 20

How we’re responding to the coronavirus

This web page was first published on 18 March 2020 and was last updated on 22 May 2020. We will continue to update the page whenever we have new information.  We are monitoring the coronavirus situation closely, and are adjusting our policies and plans based on the best available evidence and the government’s advice. Our […]

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