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May 2016

Chief Social Worker highlights Think Ahead’s impact

Chief Social Worker for Adults, Lyn Romeo, has written about the important role of social work in mental health services, and how Think Ahead can benefit the profession.

Think Ahead generated huge interest and media coverage during its first call for applications, and its promotional film encouraged people to consider careers in mental health social work.

Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults

In her blog, Lyn writes that Think Ahead is helping to “spread awareness and respect, and boost interest in all routes into the profession” by demonstrating to students and graduates the “rewarding and enriching” nature of the work. Citing her visit to Think Ahead’s assessment centre in February, Lyn says she knows that the programme “will bring more talented people, embodying these essential values of empathy, compassion and respect, into our profession.”

Lyn also praises the “cutting edge and evidence-based nature” of the Think Ahead curriculum, adding that it “includes the right blend of experience” with participants benefiting from “an excellent grounding in generic social work combined with extensive exposure to mental health settings.”

“By continuing to exchange best practice and share learning, I believe this model can contribute to advancing training approaches across the board,” she adds.

The endorsement follows Lyn’s Annual Report, which highlighted Think Ahead’s impact and included a summary of our progress from our Programme Director, Kate O’Regan. You can read the report here.