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“I knew mental health social work was challenging, stimulating and varied” – BBC interviews Think Ahead participant

A Think Ahead participant has shared her story of how experiencing mental health problems inspired her to become a mental health social worker.

Catherine, who started the Think Ahead programme in July 2017, had depression while she was studying at Manchester University. At times she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to finish her degree, but the experience led her to choose a career where she could help others with mental health problems.

In an interview with BBC News, Catherine says: “I always say that I can’t regret what happened. It totally changed my plan, and I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without that experience.”

Catherine has now been training to be a mental health social worker for three months: “There’s so much variety in what we are doing. I really enjoy it. It’s really pushing me and challenging me, but there’s a lot of support which has really helped me make the most of it and cope with the challenge and pressure of it.”

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