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August 2016

“There’s a real opportunity for change here” – Community Care visits the Summer Institute

Community Care’s Rachel Carter spent 48 hours at Devonshire Hall in Leeds at the start of our Summer Institute.

During her time she heard speeches from key figures in social work including Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults, and Ruth Allen, Chief Executive of British Association of Social Workers.

Martin Webber, Think Ahead’s Academic Lead, told Rachel: “There’s a real opportunity for change here, a chance to do something good for the profession. So let’s embrace it, give it a go, and let’s run with it.”

Rachel also spoke to participants on the programme and heard some of the stories behind their applications. Aisha Salim, who left a job in a high-end fashion company to join the programme, said: “I wanted a job that would be rewarding but something that would also benefit the society we live in. Although I’d never considered mental health social work, when I saw the scheme it just perfectly came together”.

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