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November 2020

The frontline reality of mental health services during Covid – as featured in The Metro

With their support arguably needed now more than ever, mental health social workers are on the frontline in this pandemic.

Like all of us, they’re doing what they can to limit face-to-face contact, but that’s not always possible when you’re working with someone who has a severe mental health problem.

One of our past participants, Thea Radburn, wrote a piece for The Metro about the realities of working in mental health during Covid.

“My team’s work involves engaging people in community groups and helping them widen their networks, but a lot of the progress we’ve made has been compromised under lockdown.”

She discusses the worrying increase in referrals, how deeply affected the people she’s working with have been, and urges readers not to “forget that the mental health effects of the pandemic are going to be long-lasting”.

Yet through it all, Thea also shares the overarching sense of resilience that’s coming through from individuals, communities and services alike.

Her piece is a reminder of the vital importance of these services, and gives hope and inspiration for us all.

Read the full article in The Metro here. 

Thea Radburn trained as a mental health social worker through the Think Ahead programme, and was presented with the Mental Health Social Worker of the Year award in 2019.