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August 2015

Think Ahead announces regional locations for participants

We have today announced the regions in which our first cohort will train and work. Participants will join Local Authorities and NHS Trusts across England, with most joining host organisations in the Midlands, South East, and London, and further places set to be available in Yorkshire and the North East. As part of our selection process, applicants will have the opportunity to identify the regions in which they would most like to work.

From September 2016, following our six-week Summer Institute, participants will begin learning on-the-job in one of Think Ahead’s partner organisations, supported by an experienced Consultant Social Worker. They will train in community mental health services, working alongside clinical professionals to support adults with mental illness.

Kate O’Regan, Think Ahead’s Programme Director, said: “I’m delighted that Think Ahead participants will start making a profound impact across England from next September, and that so many Local Authorities and NHS Trusts have chosen to partner with us.”

The Trusts and Authorities that will host participants have been closely involved in developing the Think Ahead programme. Kate said: “Our partner organisations have told us how enthusiastic they are about the prospect of adding talented Think Ahead participants to their workforce, and giving their most expert social workers the opportunity to develop through leading Think Ahead units.”

She added: “It’s exciting to think that this time next year our first cohort will have finished their Summer Institute and will be heading out to begin their time in practice. If you think you can make a difference to people with mental health problems, I encourage you to apply to Think Ahead and start your leadership career.”