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April 2019

“You learn a lot about yourself and your own strengths” – Think Ahead participant tells Radio Essex about her journey

Think Ahead participant Georgie has spoken about her experience on the programme, and the career options open to mental health social workers, on Radio Essex.

In the interview Georgie explained how she initially came to train as a mental health social worker. “I definitely knew that I wanted to work in mental health, but I wasn’t sure what opportunities were available. […] I didn’t even know what a mental health social worker was,” she said. However, once she came across Think Ahead and learnt more about the profession, she quickly realised it was the “perfect job” for her.

Georgie, who is from Essex, joined the Think Ahead programme in 2017. After qualifying as a mental health social worker last year, she is now in Year Two of the programme, working as a newly qualified social worker in a recovery team in Harlow while studying for her master’s degree.

She told Radio Essex about her experience on the programme and the range of career options open to her and other Think Ahead participants: “You learn so much on the programme – law, policy, theory and practice – but you also learn a lot about yourself and your own strengths. […] I feel that now I’ve got the qualification behind me, and soon the master’s in social work, even more doors will open.”

She added: “It definitely gives you way more than the backing [needed] to move you throughout your career, and there are so many options.”

Listen to the full interview: