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The Think Ahead programme

Applications are now closed for candidates wishing to work in London boroughs as part of our 2020 programme. Applications remain open across the rest of England.

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We make conditional offers to applicants as soon as they are successful at an assessment centre. The earlier you apply, the greater your chance of attending an earlier assessment date and therefore being offered a place on the 2020 programme.

Once we have conditionally offered all of the places available in 2020, further successful candidates are placed on a reserve list. Reserve list members may be offered a place in 2020 if other candidates do not fulfil the conditions of their offer, or they may be offered a place to join the programme in 2021.

We will announce the application deadline with at least two weeks’ notice. You can sign up to our newsletter to be alerted.

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Other opportunities

In addition to our main programme, Think Ahead also offers: