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About the programme

Most people know someone who’s had mental health problems. But not everyone knows someone who can make a difference.

Could you?

38% of all ill-health is caused by mental illness (for under-65s)

Mental health is an urgent national issue

Mental illness is everywhere, it turns lives upside down, and it affects our whole society.

My social worker gave me hope so that the future was a positive one, even though I was in a dark, negative place.


Social workers empower people to get well

Mental health social workers build relationships with people, and support them through care, talking therapies, community action, and standing up for legal rights.

What's great about social work is that you see the whole person and treat them as an individual. 

Valeria 2018 participant

Could you make a positive impact?

We’re looking for remarkable people, to do remarkable things. You’ll need to show leadership potential and six other attributes.