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  • 24 May / 17
    In the media

    Radio 4’s All in the Mind follows participant Charlotte on the job

    Radio 4 programme All in the Mind has spent a day following Think Ahead participant Charlotte Seymour in her role training to be a mental health social worker – getting a unique insight into the kind of work she does supporting people with mental health problems. To hear the full programme you can visit the […]

  • 7 Dec / 16
    In the media

    2016 participants speak to Radio 4’s All in the Mind

    Two of our 2016 participants have spoken to BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind about their motivations for joining the Think Ahead programme and the work they have been doing in their community mental health teams since September. I feel incredibly challenged, I feel inspired, I feel that this is the right place for […]

  • 23 Nov / 16

    Film: “I wanted to get into social work to try and improve things”

    John Thompson was looking for a career working with vulnerable adults when he came across Think Ahead. After graduating from the University of York in 2010 with a degree in Archaeology, John had been working in an office job, but wanted a job where he could help people. In this video, John says: “One in four […]

  • 11 Nov / 16

    Film: “I really enjoy learning about people’s stories”

    Deborah Waller was working in science communication when she heard about the Think Ahead programme. She graduated from UCL in 2011 with a degree in Human Science, but last year decided to look into changing career. Deborah said: “My focus was brought to mental health whenever it came up so I thought, this is something […]

  • 1 Nov / 16

    Film: “I wanted to do something that helped others”

    Al Tooms was studying English Literature at the University of Lancaster when he came across Think Ahead. Al was looking for a graduate programme that would lead him into a rewarding career, having previously done some volunteering with young people with mental health problems. After finding out more about what mental health social workers do, […]

  • 11 Oct / 16

    “Social work is therapeutic input at its best”

    Alivia Bray, a Think Ahead participant, has written about her experiences in her first few weeks of on-the-job training to be a mental health social worker. In a piece written for the Guardian, Alivia has reflected on her first few weeks working in a community mental health team, which she joined in September. She writes: “I […]

  • 2 Sep / 16
    In the media

    Think Ahead featured on BBC Radio 4

    Think Ahead has been featured on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme. Reporter Andrew Bomford visited our Summer Institute, to interview some of our participants and record them practising their skills as they prepare to begin their on-the-job training next week. Participant Ben Roderick told the BBC: “I was looking at what people might see as more conventional career paths […]

  • 1 Sep / 16

    “It’s really given me confidence”: A participant’s reflections on the Summer Institute

    This Monday Think Ahead participants will join community mental health teams across the country to begin their on-the-job training as social workers. Here, Jenni Wingrove, a participant who will start training in Luton, shares her reflections on how she’s feeling ahead of starting the role, and the best bits of the six-week Summer Institute. Why […]

  • 19 Aug / 16

    Ensuring social work perspectives are valued: week five at the Summer Institute

    It’s the penultimate week at the Summer Institute, and communication has played a big part in this week’s learning. Communication skills are hugely important for social workers in many elements of their job. Of course, being able to build relationships with service users is crucial – as Frances Turner, an experienced mental health social worker […]

  • 17 Aug / 16
    In the media

    “When I shadowed social workers, I saw how they fight for people”

    A Think Ahead participant has shared their reflections on a day they spent shadowing a mental health social worker before they joined the programme. In an anonymous piece published on Guardian Social Care, the participant follows a social worker on visits to two service users. Although some of the interactions witnessed were challenging, the participant reflects: “Often […]

  • 12 Aug / 16

    Eco-maps and safety assessments: inside week four at Think Ahead’s Summer Institute

    This week at the Summer Institute risk assessments – or rather ‘safety assessments’ – took centre stage. Participants spent a day exploring how to assess the level of protection from harm that a person with mental health problems might require, through a mixture of teaching sessions and group work. These sessions included looking at some […]

  • 5 Aug / 16

    Developing leadership skills at the Summer Institute

    We’re half way through our 2016 Summer Institute, and this week our participants have been learning about leadership. Leadership is an important part of the Think Ahead curriculum, because mental health social workers need the ability to make difficult judgement calls and influence others. During this week’s teaching, participants took the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator […]